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New! Division of Water Rights - Cannabis Compliance Response Portal
The Cannabis Compliance Response Portal was developed by the State Water Board Division of Water Rights for individuals who were recently contacted by the State Water Board regarding cannabis cultivation activities. The Portal allows individuals to provide information in response to a notice received and potentially avoid additional monetary penalties for continued non-compliance. If you have not received a notice of violation from the Division of Water Rights you are not required to fill out this survey.

New! Update for Onstream Reservoirs/Ponds
The draft Cannabis Policy update, if approved, will allow you to obtain an SIUR for certain onstream ponds. Click here for more information on the proposed Cannabis Policy changes, including how and when to submit your application.

Please make sure you have the following items before beginning the application. Download a printable version of the checklist here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Download FAQs here.

Learn More – Water Quality –
For additional information regarding the Cannabis General Order, please visit Cannabis General Order.

Learn More – Water Rights –
For additional information about the Small Irrigation Use Registration for Cannabis Cultivation, please visit Cannabis Water Rights.

To learn more about the Cannabis Policy, please visit Principles and Guidelines for Cannabis Cultivation.

For translation assistance, please contact the following:
Spanish: Para obtener más información en español por favor contáctenos al teléfono (916) 341-5265 o vía email a: OPP-LanguageServices@Waterboards.ca.gov.
Hmong: Rau kev npaub ntxiv ua lus Hmoob, thov txuas lus nrog peb ntawm xov tooj (916)-341-5265 los sis email: OPP-LanguageServices@Waterboards.ca.gov.

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