Cannabis General Order Items

  1. Waste Discharge Identification Number (WDID) if currently enrolled in General Waiver R1-2015-0023 or General Order R5-2015-0113
  2. Size of cultivation area and disturbed area (in square feet)
  3. Site information, including site location, slope of disturbed area and setback distances

Water Rights Items

  1. All existing water right numbers (Small Domestic Registration, Initial Statement, Permit, License, etc.) or other water right information.
  2. Point of Diversion (POD) and Water source information (Name, Location, stream characteristics, etc.).
  3. Place of Use (POU) information (APN, parcel acreage, cultivation acreage, non-cannabis irrigation acreage, number of plants).
  4. Diversion Works information (method and conveyance specifics).
  5. Information on water use for cannabis plants (gallons or acre feet), the planned number of irrigation days, and irrigation rate.
  6. Planned water use amounts for any incidental uses (aesthetic, fire protection, recreational, or fish and wildlife) in gallons per year and a justification for the amount.
  7. Offstream storage information such as number of existing tanks/bladders, number of proposed tanks/bladders, existing capacity, and proposed capacity.
  8. Project description (area to be graded, diversion operation, and complete or proposed project features).
  9. Project Completion Schedule.